Alistair and Alice first planted vineyards in Heywood in 1990, but Alice’s family has been living in Henty for years. Her family gave the couple its first small block of land called “Cobboboonee Vineyard” and from then on, the farming practice of grape growing became an incredible passion both Alice and Alistair. They saved in order to plant their first vines but all their hard work paid off – in 2000 they won Victorian Vineyard of the year. In 2008 they stepped it up a notch and began supplying Seppelt with A-grade grapes.

Their meticulously maintained vines are close planted (2mx2mx2m), which helps increase intensity of the fruit’s flavour and maximises all available sunlight. The soil type is sandy loam (red terra rossa) over limestone bedrock. Alastair engages cane pruning and vertical shoot positioning.

The Hentyfarm family is really proud of Alistair’s involvement in Henty gaining its official GI status in 2000. He’s served as the Henty Grape Growers Association president for more than 10 years.