The Farm

New to our Hentyfarm family is The Farm range of wines.

The Farm is a new range of wines, introduced to highlight great Australian wine regions and the wines they are famous for producing. The first in this range is a 2016 The Farm Barossa Shiraz.

And true to our Hentyfarm philosophy, this wine is hand-crafted using a natural winemaking approach, allowing the pristine purity of the fruit to speak for itself.

The grapes are sourced from specially selected shiraz vineyards focussed around the northern Barossa Valley.  These blocks have been tended by up to 6 generations of the same families. When it comes to looking after vineyards these guys know their stuff!


The northern Barossa Valley sits at about 150-200m above the valley floor.  This higher altitude affords this area cooler nights. Sometimes by over 5 degrees lower than the valley floor. 

This is evidenced by the fact that if the Barossa is at risk of a frost event, these vineyards cop it first hence the area is peppered with automatic frost fans to keep the air moving and warm when things get chilly. 

Combine these cooler nights with the moderately heavy, rich red loams and clays of the area and you get beautifully slowly ripened shiraz that retains great balance between ripeness (aka richness), acidity and tannin that is rare in the Barossa Valley with deep blood red colour.  This allows us to be relatively ‘hands off’ in the winery which always means better wines as a result.

The vines are well and truly mature at around 30 years of age and usually crop around a low 2 tonnes per acre.  Again, this vine balance and crop load is mostly determined naturally by the regions terroir – it is actually difficult to grow big crops up here.

Fermentation occurs in 5 to 10 tonne open fermenters over about 7 days with pump-overs (carried out by real live humans!) twice daily to optimise extraction and temperature uniformity throughout the ferment.  Temperature is allowed to peak around 30C and then maintained at around 24 for the duration of the ferment to maximise colour and flavour extraction whilst maintaining the bright aromatics. 

Matured in seasoned oak for between 12 and 18 months.

We look forward to bringing you more wines in this new The Farm range over the coming years.  If you wish to purchase, you can buy online or contact Jono direct on mobile +61 423 029 200 |

The Farm