What does Hentyfarm stand for?

Hentyfarm is about artistic expression at its most elemental. It starts in the vineyard, where our relationship with the growers is based on respect as custodians of the land. Then the alchemy begins, where the combinations of older French oak, low intervention winemaking, native and introduced yeasts and naturally driven “hand plunged” ferments culminate in wines of finesse and elegance.

In 2013, a Pinot Gris was added to the list, made from Drumborg grapes tended carefully by “biological grape farmers” Jack and Lois Doevan. Plans are in place to bring Riesling into the Hentyfarm fray, likely from 2014 and also made from the Doevan’s Drumborg fruit.

From 2013, we decided to guide the winemaking styles by employing the skills of Justin Purser at Best’s Great Western. His experience in and passion for Burgundy make him the perfect contributor to our winemaking family. Our collective approach is rustic and minimal, holding true to the idea that this winemaking venture is a farming practice. Production will continue to be small and handcrafted, allowing the wines to speak of purity and place. Hentyfarm wines are not rushed to market, their refined European style needing more time in the bottle to develop and soften before heading out to Australia’s best restaurants and liquor stores.

The decision was taken to also move the contract winemaking from Justin at Best’s to our good friend of many years, Ray Nadeson at Lethbridge wines in Geelong. Ray has long been associated with fruit from the Henty region after using this regional fruit source for a number of wines in the Lethbridge range in the past. Ray brings to Hentyfarm a deep understanding of the fruit from this region and also a respect for the style of wines Hentyfarm has been making. We look forward to working closely with Ray to develop the wines further.